The study of the nervous system and its diseases, MGH's neurology department features electroneurodiagnostics, the study and recording of electrical activity in the brain and nervous system. Available tests include electroencephalograms or EEG (records the electrical activity of the brain), ambulatory EEGs (a 24-hour recording of brain activity and seizure activity, during which the patient carries a diary for the recording of activities and symptoms), electromyograms (using electrical stimulation, an EMG uses thin acupuncture-like needles that are inserted into a muscle to test if there is any damage because of nerve entrapment or nerve damage), nerve-conduction studies (stimulates a nerve to check its pathway, which reveals the cause of numbness, tingling, pain or loss of sensation) and long-term epilepsy monitoring (combines an EEG with videotaped observation and is useful in diagnosing with intermittent or frequent seizures or disturbances in sleep). For more information, call neurology at 765.662.4758 or e-mail

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