Occupational Therapist (OT)

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Contacts for Interviews:

  • Chuck de las Alas, Administrative Director, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 765.660.7990 or chuck.delasalas@mgh.net

Job Shadowing
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Interview Questions Answered:

  1. To hire as occupational therapist, we will look for the necessary education and licensure in the state of Indiana.
  2. Pay range will begin at around $22.95 per hour and wage is determined by experience and education.
  3. A typical day will involve organizing and conducting occupational therapy treatment programs to facilitate rehab of physically handicapped patients; evaluation of patients; directing patient participation in therapeutic activities selected to restore functionality.
  4. Negative of career = stressful. Benefit = making a difference in patients' lives every day (rewarding and fulfilling).
  5. MGH offers a standard benefit package, including paid time off (holidays, sick and vacation time) as well as a comprehensive health insurance plan.
  6. The advancement opportunities healthcare are numerous.

Local Educational Institutions:

Ball State University / www.bsu.edu / 765.285.5571

Indiana University-Kokomo / www.iuk.edu / 765.455.9288

Ivy Tech State College / www.ivytech.edu





University of St. Francis / www.stfrancis.edu / 800.735.7500