Respiratory Therapist (RCP)

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Contacts for Interviews:

  • Sherry Howell, R.N., Administrative Director, Medical/Surgical, Respiratory Care, 765.660.6330 or

Job Shadowing
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American Association for Respiratory Care  
Interview Questions Answered:

  1. To hire a respiratory care practitioner (also called a respiratory therapist), we will look for the necessary education and licensure in the state of Indiana
  2. Pay range will begin around  $17.20 per hour and wage is determined by experience and education. Becoming registered will increase the amount of money you make. 
  3. Normal day will consist of coordinating patient care (physicians, aides, family, patient, hospital staff) and hands-on patient care.  
  4. Negative of career = stressful. Benefit = making a difference in patients' lives every day (rewarding and fulfilling).
    MGH offers a standard benefit package, including paid time off (holidays, sick and vacation time) as well as a comprehensive health insurance plan.
  5. The opportunities for  an RRT are numerous. You also have the opportunity to cross-train in related departments.

Local Educational Institutions:

Ivy Tech State College -

Ft. Wayne - 260.480.4270

Indianapolis - 317.921.4410

Lafayette - 765.772.9207

Michigan City - 219.879.9137

Indiana University - Northwest - 219.980.6548

Indiana University - Kokomo - 765.453.2000