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Marion General Hospital Receives First Stem Cell Donation

A program now available at Marion General Hospital, allows a mother the opportunity to donate postnatal tissue which may include the placenta, amniotic membrane, chorion, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid after your baby is born cesarean section delivery or vaginal birth. 

Mother’s now have the opportunity to provide another child or adult a chance for life. These cells and tissues that have surrounded and protected your baby have incredible healing potential.  They are a means to develop treatments for conditions such as cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, and complex skin wounds to name a few. The process is safe, simple, painless, free and rewarding.

This donation can become a priceless gift to change others’ lives for the better. These natural cells derived from these tissues have been used for many years to treat and sometimes cure more than 80 diseases.

MGH has received its first donation because Natalie said “yes”. New mothers can choose to share their joy by extending a gift of life, promise, and hope, enabling this miracle.  The happiness does not stop with the birth of a new baby but can spread by knowing that you are providing a better life to others.

For more information, ask your MGH physician or call the Family Birthing Center at 765-660-6860.  MGH is making a difference – one baby at a time, and now giving mothers the opportunity to provide a miracle for others.