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Marion General Hospital Implements Color-Coded Uniforms to Help Patients Better Identify Staff

In order to help patients and families easily identify our team members at Marion General Hospital, a color-coded uniform program has been implemented.

MGH wants you to be able to identify the members of your healthcare team and how they may best address your needs during your visit at MGH. With this new policy, each department involved in direct patient care will wear a different color-coded uniform.

This dress code creates a more consistent and professional image for our staff and provides our patients with a sense of comfort knowing they can more easily identify who is in their room and the role of the employee involved in their care.

The hospital has posted flyers throughout the facility explaining the new dress code policy with a visual image of each uniform.  Staff transitioned to the new uniforms on July 1.

Color Code by Department:  Click here to view uniform guide.

  • Nursing – black
  • PCT / secretary / monitor tech - grey
  • Radiology – charcoal grey
  • Laboratory – navy
  • Cardiovascular – caribbean blue
  • Pharmacy – eggplant
  • Oncology – grape
  • Respiratory / neuro / sleep lab – red top with black pants
  • Therapy services – royal blue
  • Patient Access – hunter green
  • Housekeeping – wine