Unwanted Medication Collection Event
What will be accepted at the collection site? • Expired and unwanted prescriptions and medicines (controlled/non-controlled substances) • Vitamins and herbals • Over the counter medications • Sharps What about personal information on bottle labels? All bottles and containers will be destroyed along with the medications. However, if you are concerned about personal information being visible to others, you may use a black permanent marker to block out the information. Why should you participate? This event will help you dispose of your unwanted or expired medications in an environmentally-safe manner. Improper disposal of medications by pouring them down the drain or flushing them poses a threat to human health by contaminating the soil, ground water and drinking water. Burning medications can release toxic pollutants into the air and medications disposed of in household trash can potentially be scavenged and illegally resold. For more information, please contact: Marion Utilities, 664.2391 Marion Police Dept., 668.4412 Marion General Hospital, 660.7200
Start Date/Time Category
04/28/2018 10:00AM