Critical Care

Some patients come into the hospital with very serious injuries or medical conditions. In some cases their bodies are not capable of functioning efficiently enough to keep the patient alive. Patients in such a state need advanced medical care from a specially trained staff of doctors and nurses. These patients receive care in critical care units. Critical care units represent a hospital's ability to treat the most seriously affected and medically unstable patients. While they are sometimes specialized, many critical care units are equipped to treat patients with multiple medical problems.

While many patients will be housed in a critical care unit for different reasons, they can all expect the same high level of medical care. Patients are constantly monitored by equipment and staff. The most effective treatment options are decided upon.  Our goal is to identify and deliver the best available care for the most critically ill patients.

Our critical care team includes physicians, critical care nurses, cardiopulmonary specialists and other experts. The team takes a multidisciplinary approach, and works closely with patients' physicians to provide streamlined, integrated care and attention.

Everything that our doctors and nurses do for patients in a critical care situation is directly aimed at saving their lives and restoring the best quality of life possible considering their situation. 

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