Medical & Observation Care

Observation units are designated areas within a hospital that provide an alternative to discharge or hospital inpatient admission for the emergency department patient who may benefit from an extended observation period (generally less than 24 hours).  Patients of all age ranges who are not ill enough to warrant immediate inpatient hospital admission but are also not well enough to return to their place of residence may need additional monitoring, diagnostic evaluation, and/or treatment in an observation unit prior to disposition.

Admission is possible to ensure your health condition is being monitored and taken care of appropriately, following an emergency room visit, after surgery, or with the recommendation and coordination from your primary care physican. 

Medical/Observation units include: 

  • Medical/Surgical
  • Telemetry Care
  • Critical Care
  • Observation

MGH utilizes quality talented physicians and practitioners from our Hospitalist Program, your specialty physician and your personal physician.  

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Medical & Observation Care

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Locations: Main Hospital
- orange or green elevators
Telemetry - 3rd floor
Medical/Surgical - 3rd/5th floor
Medical Observation - 3rd/5th floor
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