Occupational Health

Why choose MGH Work Solutions? 
MGH Work Solutions understands that comprehensive occupational health and workers’ compensation services are a priority to your organization. We offer a team of employer-dedicated healthcare professionals, which will work alongside your team, to create a healthy and thriving workforce. We provide meaningful, effective and quality occupational health services to meet your organizational needs. We understand that work-related illnesses and injuries threaten your operations and success, so it’s imperative to have MGH Work Solutions for guaranteed prompt and expedited health care assistance on each.

What makes MGH Work Solutions Unique in Our Community?
MGH Work Solutions employs a dedicated Medical Director of Occupational Medicine. Specialized computer system offers enhanced billing, providing benefits such as tracking for patient care, improved invoicing and record keeping.

MGH Work Solutions List of Services:

  • Occupational Health
  • Workers’ Compensation

Also Provide:
Agility (Lift) Assessments
Audiology Services
Corporate Overseas Travel – Medical Necessities
Full Physical Exam
DOT Certified Exams
Drug & Alcohol Testing (Scheduled or Random | Office or On Site)
Educational Opportunities
Flu Shots (Office or On Site)
MRO Consultation
Pre-employment Physicals
Prescription Dispensing Fulfillment
Radiology Services
Respiratory Fit Testing (Office or On Site)
Sport Physicals


Helpful Resources

Location: 119 S Washington St, Marion
Hours:  Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Phone:  765.660.7440