Therapy Services

Services offered:

  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy

Depending on the type of rehabilitation your doctor prescribes, your sessions can include exercises, joint manipulation and mobilization, and heat, light, sound or laser therapies. The goal is to create a specialized program aimed at improving function, reducing pain and restoring your quality of life. Physical therapists help patients reduce pain, build strength, improve mobility and restore function of muscles and bones through exercises, ultrasound therapy, high-frequency currents, hot or cold compresses, and massage.

Care is provided by our professionally licensed and experienced staff of speech, physical and occupational therapists. Our interdisciplinary team meetings ensure that all patient goals are being addressed while not being duplicated. This team approach enables our patients to achieve their full potential.

Services include comprehensive outpatient physical therapy, specialized manual therapy techniques and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, vertigo evaluation and treatment, postoperative rehabilitation, and treatment for acute and chronic orthopedic conditions and sports injuries.


Helpful Resources


  • Main Hospital (Inpt)
    441 N Wabash Ave, Marion
  • Northwood Medical Center (Outpt)
    1393 N Baldwin Ave, Marion
  • Upland Diagnostics (Outpt)
    1809 S Main St, Upland