MGH Using Screening Criteria Regarding Coronavirus

“The novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has been filling the news. At Marion General Hospital, we have been monitoring the situation and following the CDC and IN State Department of Health (ISDH) guidance that is being published regularly. When you call for an appointment at one of our locations, you may be asked about cold-like symptoms, fever and recent travel. The screening questions are intended to direct patients who may need to be tested for the Coronavirus to the best location for this. The test is presently only performed at the ISDH lab and is for those who have specific risk factors. Marion General is able to assist with collecting of specimens after the State Health Department has granted approval.

Prevention of the spread of Coronavirus is much like preventing the flu. Stay home if you are sick. Practice social distancing, Fist bump instead of hand shake. Clean your hands often with hand sanitizer or soap and water, especially after touching items like gas pumps, ATM machines, grocery carts. Avoid touching your face. Sanitize surfaces frequently.

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